About Us

About Us

About Us

Al-Qabas Economical Group was established on (1961) as a contracting construction company established by the late (Ali Saleh AL-Kais) (The Father of Present Group Owners and members of the board ) ,
From the very early stages , the company confirmed to provide high quality on implementation , supply of wide practical horizon for development in , industry , agriculture and trading fields by using solid engineering fundamentals & high technology which yielded fruitful results in the development & expansion of the groups activities & economic growth in all Iraqi Governorates.


     As any global & well developed group, Al-Qabas Economical Group tended to be specialize in the fields of : design , supply water & waste water treatment equipments plants and build and establish a specialized companies in oil & gas projects and implementing welding and extension of oil and gas pipe lines .

In the engineering testing fields and Transport & Marine services in addition to the industrial UPVC pipes and implementing large agriculture projects and the group activities were extended to United Arab Emirates and Jordan through establishment of companies and Bureaus in these countries.

Now the main aim of the group is to share and help in the reconstruction and the rehabilitation of the Iraqi infrastructures in water, waste water, irrigation, oil, gas and Energy and supply various machines, equipments and materials.

The group spends great affords to preserve the high standard of the group engineering and technical staff to follow the international development for many fields and specially in the planning management field in order to fulfill the markets growth demands requirements.

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